This simple observation tool is a primary preventative strategy used to capture and record the smallest things that make the biggest difference to patient, resident, pupil or service users care. This might be a smile, a little banter, a reassuring touch, or perhaps tuning their radio.

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Just a Half Day of Training and You’re Ready to Go

After just half a days training, an observer will learn how to look for tiny examples of care or compassion and, using a simple recording system, can identify positive, passive or poor care.

Anyone using the tool have the ability to see care through the patient’s or service user’s eyes, giving them an understanding of the difference interactions really make to patient dignity, care and compassion. The tool encourages the observer to consider “How would I feel if that had been done to me?”. By developing their observation skills observers are able to see how small actions by staff make a person feel cared or uncared for.

Suitable For Any Care or Education Environment

The tool can be used in any environment and there are versions to suit all specialties:

  • Hospital Services
  • Community Services (including Primary Care)
  • Care Homes
  • Mental Health Services
  • High Secure Services
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Education – children and young people with special education needs

The findings are used to celebrate care and compassion and also identify areas of development.

Sit&See also helps demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards required by such bodies as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Ofsted.

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By Lynne Phair

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This book provides a short, practical summary of what care leaders need to know and think about as they go about their everyday work.

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Sit&See Evaluation Report

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