Sit&See Observer Training

Training to use the Sit&See Observation Tool consists of a half-day training programme, delivered remotely or face to face. . The size of the group can be between six and 18 participants The course examines care and compassion and how we show and experience it for ourselves. Participants learn how to observe care and compassion, how to record it and how to feed back to staff.

The course also enables participants to learn, reflect and discuss care and compassion and challenge reasons given about why compassionate care cannot be given, in a safe environment but with an experienced external facilitator.

On successful completion of the course the certified observers will be able to have unlimited use of the tool in their organisation.

Every two years certified observers are expected to attend a half day update that includes reflection and discussion about how the tool promotes a positive culture of care, how positive care and compassion is celebrated and how observers can use the evidence to uphold positive practice.

We have an Advisory Board and I’ve explained to them what the tool is about and I want to train two of the directors who don’t have a care or nursing background. As directors, when they walk through the homes it would be really good for them to have an awareness. So that’s a personal mission that I think would be a really good thing and would help from the ethos of the company – from the very top.”

We want to look at the evidence from a team-based point of view, to go back to the managers and look at how the evidence can support them in supporting their staff in seeing what they’re doing really well.  I’m also looking at feeding this into our patient safety programme and I’m hoping that some of what we collect  will provide us with evidence to make changes through the patient safety programme.”