What is Sit&See?

Developed locally in response to a national problem in nursing, this observation tool captures and records the smallest things that make the biggest difference to care, kindness and compassion.

The observer sits (or stands) for 15-50 minutes and watches for and records tiny examples of care and compassion, or recommends improvements if the care appears dispassionate.

  • For single bedded services, a “wander and listen” approach is used.
  • In outpatients or surgeries, the observer watches, listens and experiences how welcoming, caring and supportive staff are to those coming for appointments; or they may capture tiny examples of ‘business-like’ responses that can leave the patient feeling they cannot ask for more information.
  • In recovery or educational services, the tool is used to observe how staff support service users or pupils to develop their confidence, independence and sense of self-worth and record how caring and compassionate those staff are.

In short, the tool records both quantitative and qualitative data, compassionate and dispassionate care and is currently used at every level of an organisation in health, social care and educational services.

The beauty of the tool is its simplicity, based on what is seen, heard or experienced from the perspective of a service user or visitor.

We’ve trained six of our governors and it’s part of our development for our healthcare assistants and student nurses.